New releases from Utech Records

Another batch of records are on the way from Utech Records.

Ode to a Blue Ghost is Suzuki Junzo's second album for Utech Records, the first being Pieces for Missing Circles as part of the ARC series. Ode to a Blue Ghost, inspired by Lonnie Johnson's Blue Ghost Blues was originally self-released by Junzo's own Plunk's Plan label. The Utech Records edition features new artwork.

Una Symphonia Della Paura is Philippe Petit's first release for Utech Records. Petit, known for his collaborations with the likes of Eugene Robinson, Cosey Fanni Tutti, and Lydia Lunch, started this album with Justin Broadrick and continued to build upon their initial work to create his harshest record yet. The artwork was provided by Alexander Binder.

Mats Gustafsson's Bengt is his first recording for Utech Records, and the newest vinyl release for the label. Bengt is a tribute to Gustafsson's mentor, Swedish saxophonist Bengt Nordström, who is best known for producing Albert Ayler's first album for Bird Note Records. The album includes liner notes by Swedish author Thomas Millroth. Bengt is limited to 500 copies on white vinyl, and the LP includes a CD version of the record.

These will be available May 19th. Check out the Utech Records website for samples.

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