Rhuith, Manes Falsimonia

New release, this time digital only (for now, at least, until a label picks it up for physical release), from our Italian friend and one-man weirdo black metal artist Rhuith. Keeping it weird, as always. This even features a cover of Everything But the Girl. A little slower and doomier than usual, at times, but what really stands out to me is the alternating beauty and horror of the track "Green Emerald Doors." There are a lot of good tracks in the Rhuith discography, but this is without question my all-time favorite. Two lightly-strummed and beautifully melodious guitar passages broken up by about a minute and a half of heavier distortion and insane vocal samples. Stream and/or download this from the Rhuith Bandcamp page.

Check out the new Rhuith Facebook page, too.

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