Stone Wings, Bird of Stone Wings 2xLP

Continuing the VERY worthwhile trend of classic metal album reissues, Contagion Releasing brings us this doom metal classic from nearly a decade ago, from Australia's Stone Wings. The band formed in the mid-90s under the name Elysium, released a demo/album, later changed the name of the band to Stone Wings, and finally self-released this monster album themselves back in 2003 as a CD. I have to admit when I originally saw that this was being reissued on vinyl, I hesitated a bit, just because the album relies on a carefully-crafted, rich atmosphere of longing and sadness that should, but doesn't always, translate well to analog formats. In this case, though, the transition was perfectly executed, and this sounds absolutely crushing on wax. A killer combination of doom and death metal that pummels you while remaining catchy enough to keep you coming back over and over again. "Brutally melodic" is probably an apt description. Besides the wonderful guitar work that is simultaneously soaring and punishing, my favorite thing about this may be the vocals. Technically, they're nothing special, but there is a consistency to the passion delivered with the vocals on every song that is simply stupendous.

If you're not familiar with this release, you can go here to stream the album. And though it is in distros all over the place, you can still go straight to the source at Contagion Releasing and pick up the 2LP in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve. While you're there. you can pick up that amazing Profetus 2xLP that I wrote about here.


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