Glass Throat Recordings

I've never met Chet Scott in person, but there are few artists that I respect and admire as much as Chet. He brings new meaning to words like "authentic" and "genuine." A member of Blood of the Black Owl, Ruhr Hunter, At The Head of the Woods, and others, he is a visionary story-teller, poet, musician, and artist in general, among many other things. Through some conversations I've had with him via email, the man just radiates kindness, generosity, and warmth, and in days such as these, these are qualities that can be very difficult to maintain.

Chet and his wife, Rachel Boaz-Scott, run Glass Throat Recordings, and over the years, they have released some of the most amazing music I've ever heard, including recordings by Fauna. Fearthainne, The Elemental Chrysalis, Alethes, and others. It seems to have been a while since the last release, but that is about to change.
What you see above is the cover art for the next Glass Throat Recordings release, a project called Cedar Spirits. It is a collaborative effort between Chet and Rachel (collectively known now as Cycle of the Raven Talons - the name Ruhr Hunter has been dropped) and Pythagumus Olaf Marshall of Novemthree. It has made the wait very much worthwhile, as it is quite special. I'm not comfortable using words to try to describe it, so I will not - words can only fail in a case like this anyway. But better than words, you can hear it for yourself - it is streaming in its entirety right now on the Glass Throat Bandcamp page. A digital download will be available on June 20th, with a CD version from Glass Throat to follow soon thereafter. This has the highest recommendation I can give. There is truly magic in this music.

While on the subject of said Bandcamp page, you should wander through it a little and get familiar with some of the things that are there, if you are not already. One of the things that sticks out to me is the Your Cell:Yourself album, which was an early Glass Throat Recordings release that was highly limited, and has been out of print and unattainable for ages. It was recently reworked a bit and is now available for download. There is also an EP of unreleased Ruhr Hunter songs, as well as the Ruhr Hunter / Chaos As Shelter collaboration. Many other gems await your open ears, so please, check the music out and support as you can.

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