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I've been a friend and supporter of the work of Toby Driver for several years, and I'm sure that hasn't gone completely unnoticed here on HSS. I donated to the recording of maudlin of the Well's Part the Second, as well as Driver's first Kickstarter project which successfully funded the recording of Tartar Lamb II's Polyimage of Known Exits.

He recently debuted a new composition titled Ichneumonidae, in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Michelle Morinaga, during Chippy Fest at John Zorn's New York City venue, The Stone. Playing guitar on Ichneumonidae, Driver was accompanied by Secret Chiefs 3 bandmate (and now Tzadik Records labelmate) Timba Harris on violin, with Butoh dance and percussion from Morinaga.

I was excited to find out earlier today that he had launched a Kickstarter for this project, and I will be pledging some money to show my continued support of his work. Below is some more information about this project.

From the Kickstarter page:
Ichneumonidae is a new collaborative music and Butoh dance piece by Toby Driver and Michelle Morinaga, featuring the virtuosic violin work of Timba Harris. Named after a horrifying family of parasitic wasps, Ichneumonidae explores the astounding psyche of parasites, touching on dualities of survival and self-destruction, the perilous tensions of coexistence, and the subtle horrors of the colonized body.
Originally performed as a violin/guitar duet between Driver and Harris, with dance and percussive elements performed by Morinaga, (see above video) we want to expand the music to suit a larger ensemble, namely, two violins, vibraphone/orchestral percussion, guitar, synth, and heavily processed vocals. This is Toby Driver's first foray into writing music specifically to accompany dance. Our plan is to record the music in a professional studio with the large ensemble and create a dance film in a separate studio using the audio recording. 
The band will be: 
Toby Driver (Kayo Dot, Vaura, etc): guitar/synth/vocals.
Timba Harris (Secret Chiefs 3): violin.
Leyna Marika Papach (JG Thirlwell's Manorexia): violin
Russell Greenberg (Seaven Teares, Hi Red Center): vibraphone and other percussion 
The Butoh side of the production is a solo choreography and dance performance by Morinaga, which will be professionally filmed in a theatre in New York with full lighting, costuming, and multiple cameras and angles. 
The official release of Ichneumonidae will come as a DVD of these recordings, edited into one performance, and packaged with a 12pp full-color booklet containing original graphic-novel-style artwork by Toby and photos by Michelle, whose photography appears as the official artwork for the Kayo Dot: Gamma Knife/Grey Dream vinyl LP release (2012 Antithetic Records).
Rewards for pledging to this Kickstarter include a "thank you" in liner notes and video credits, stickers, a copy of the performance on DVD, handmade parasite bracelets, signed scraps of the Ichneumonidae costume, poster-sized prints, signed copies of the musical score, invitations to a private filming of the performance, guest list spots to the opening party and premiere performance of the full ensemble version of Ichneumonidae, special edition screen-prints and notes, vinyl and digital download copies of Kayo Dot's Gamma Knife, and original signed artwork from Toby Driver.

Their goal is $4,420, and at the time of publishing this post, they are 20% funded. Show your support this ambitious project by pledging some money at the Ichneumonidae Kickstarter page.

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