Playlist: Chris Brokaw

Chris Brokaw is a musician and film composer living in Seattle, Washington. Perhaps best known to HSS readers as the drummer for Codeine on their Frigid Stars LP and Barely Real EP, Brokaw plays in The New Year, The Catamites, The Empty House Cooperative, the Brokaw/Farina Duo, and others. Current and upcoming releases include Holly Anderson / Chris Brokaw "The Night She Slept With A Bear" (book of flash fiction + mesostics with cd score; design by Susan Archie; out now on Publication Studio), Chris Brokaw "Tidal Mud" cassette reissue on Robert + Leopold (June 2012), Codeine "When I See The Sun" 6-LP box set on Numero Group (June 2012), Chris Brokaw rock/vocal album, title TBA, on 12XU/Damnably/After Hours (October 2012), and Chris Brokaw "Now, Forager" soundtrack LP on Dais Records (March 2013). Upcoming tours include shows with Codeine in the UK, Europe and US, and a solo US tour opening for Mono from September 18 until November 3. For more information, please visit

THIS WEEK'S TOP TEN (May 18, 2012)

"Miss Representation" (film) - Invigorating and inspiring documentary. Why do old white men rule the world?

Stare Case "Switch Stance 1-3" (American Tapes CDR releases) - Olson and Young continue to turn the form inside out.

Kevin Drumm "Electronic Harassment" (Cardinal cassette) - Crunching numbers.

Jim Shephard "You Think That's Bad" (short story collection) - Social service/engrossing entertainment.

Jeff Parker "Bright Light In Winter" (Delmark LP) - So jazzy that Jeff is actually snapping his fingers on the back cover.

Cory Booker (mayor of Newark) - Coolest US politician.

Stopsky's Deli (Mercer Island, WA) -  Smoked green olives: Best food of 2012?

Beherit "At The Devil's Studio" (LP) - Lost grail.

"The Hubert Huncke Reader" (short fiction collection) - Pithy, graceful jailbird diatribes. So fun to see him diss W.S. Burroughs over + over.

Elizabeth Hand "Available Dark" (novel) - Grisly noir featuring Finns, black metal, stimulants, high end photo processing.

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