Dead Times / Trtrkmmr Split LP

Ah, I just love releases like this, that put two relatively unknown artists together on a split. Each will certainly have their own cult following, but the devotees often are exposed to an artist they were not aware of before. That was the case for me in the instance of this split/collaborative LP from Rhode Island's Dead Times and the obscure Trtrkmmr.

I've been a fan of Dead Times since I heard the self titled cassette that Aum War put out back in 2009. I've played that tape so many times that I generally resort to playing the mp3s now, just so I don't break the tape. And the Dead Times half of this LP is twice as menacing and equally as entrancing, so I'm just really jacked to hopefully someday hear a full-length. The music consists of various layers of noise, and often features some well-placed samples and tape loops to progress the sound. It could perhaps be best described as noise with delicate yet obvious rhythms and melodies. The vocals generally consist of piercing screams, which are, again, well placed. I've found that the vocals and samples generally do the same thing for each of the songs that they are featured on, but "Pain Arrives" really thrives in the vocal department, as guest vocals are provided by Sewer Goddess. Once you start listening, it's really hard to not turn it right back on it again. That was true of the tape, and is true again for this LP. I actually listened to the Dead Times side of this LP  three consecutive times before I flipped it over for the Trtrkmmr side.

I confess I know nothing about Trtrkmmr, and had never even heard of this band (?) before this LP. But I was taken in by the sounds contained within. Blackened-to-the-core vocals with loads of electronic noise, film samples, fucked-up tape loops, and fast-paced, hard-to-find rhythms that are "created by borrowing from some records and disfiguring others." Almost has a grind feel at times. This is pretty abrasive, and pretty great. And it sounds like it was recorded with exclusively analog equipment.

These artists complement each other nicely; so nicely, in fact, that each side features a collaborative track that Dead Times and Trtrkmmr constructed together. They're both excellent tracks, but it's hard to point to any standouts on the record, because from beginning to end, this record is fantastic. Highest recommendation possible.

The LP doesn't feature any elaborate packaging, but that's fitting for a release like this one. Single outer-sleeve with a printed inner-sleeve. All the artwork and lyrics are in black and white. This has been out since September of 2011, but copies can still be had from Aum War.


Van Damned said...

TRTRKMMR is the work of the extremely talented Brad Dumville, who fronted the equally excellent (and now sadly disbanded) death-doom cult Otesanek, which you may remember from the now-infamous "Four Burials" four-way split with Loss, Orthodox and Mournful Congregation.

Krumbled Kookie said...

FUCK, I was just thinking last night when playing this LP that it was fucked up how the doom world is not the same without Otesanek, and I didn't even know that this was a related project. That's fucking eerie.

. said...

and TRTRKMMR has a record coming out very soon on Iron Lung Records (run by the dudes in the always amazing IRON LUNG):

Krumbled Kookie said...

"mostly finished, genius can't be rushed"


skinjob said...

Technically Dead Times is defunct now that The Body has moved to the West Coast. Both members will surely keep working on similar sounds though. This LP is phenomenal. TRTRKMMR is the future.

AWR said...

not defunct. New Dead Times material out soon