High Aura'd, Sanguine Futures LP

The hype around John Kolodij's High Aura'd has been growing, and with good reason. After touring with Barn Owl in 2010, and last year releasing not only a terrific split cassette with Locrian's Andre Foisy, but also the amazing Mooncusser cassette, you'd have to figure that more minimalist, ambient, droning goodness was coming. And it is here, in the form of the the Sanguine Futures LP, now up for preorder at Bathetic Records.

There's honestly not a whole lot I can say about this record that will do it justice. At times very minimalist in nature, and at others very cinematic and grand, this album takes a winding road though various parts of America. That is the point, after all, and that point is made very well.  

Sanguine Futures seems to tell us a story of possibilities, a story of both the dark and the light, and what could be made of both. It is also a story of heart and faith - faith in what, I can't really say. But there is something - it seems to say - better than this. There must be, right? A million possibilities, if only because this can't be everything; the idea that this is it is just too much to handle.

This is a great record to relax and unwind with; when the day is done, put this on your turntable and take the journey, and be prepared to wonder what might have been, and what still might be.

You can get an idea of the majesty of this record here. Get the LP now, on it's own, or in a package with the great new album from William Cody Watson, here.

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