Mournful Congregation, The Book of Kings 2xLP & Loss, Despond 2xLP

I stole this picture from 20 Buck Spin to give you the idea, in one picture, that you're really missing something if you fail to grab either of these colossal 2xLPs. Two of the best funeral doom albums of... well, EVER. So slow, SO heavy, both of these albums will absolutely rip your guts out, though I have to imagine that if you're listening to these, your guts have probably been ripped out already by circumstances of one variety or another.

The Mournful Congregation The Book of Kings 2xLP has been imported from France, and will be worth every damn penny, but I'm sure you're aware of that. Deluxe gatefold packaging with gold foil printing and a full-sized 12-page book of lyrics and art.

The Loss Despond 2xLP is also packaged in a gatefold package, with silver foil printing. Co-released by Parasitic Records and Contagion Releasing.

Both of these can be had now, from 20 Buck Spin, though I figure they'll probably sell pretty quick, so hustle.

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