New Releases from Colloquial Sound Recordings

I've run short on time today, but I can't stop without at least saying something about the new releases from Colloquial Sound Recordings. This is without a doubt one of the best tape labels going right now, as they've put out great release after great release. Most of this stuff is black metal, and some of it is heavily influenced by punk.  All pretty raw. All pretty fucking great, too. I mentioned them a while back when the Dressed in Streams tape came out and since then they've continued to impress. This latest batch contains gems from A Pregnant Light (with a Madonna cover - fuck yes!), Askumite (also a zine in addition to the tape), This Station of Life, and a split tape from A Pregnant Light and Obscure Lupine Quietus. The A Pregnant Light tapes really stand out, but these are all great. Seriously, all of these are just about perfect for scratching that raw black metal itch that we all get. And what's nice about the label is that after you've purchased the tapes, they send you links to download them. Super cool. Get them all here.

And for fuck's sake, people - the Dressed in Streams cassette is somehow still available??!! Get it, even if you've never heard it - so damned good.

There are big things coming from this label as well, including a compilation to look for from our friends at Svn Okkvlt.

Speaking of Svn Okkvlt, you'll also find authorized downloads of recent releases from Fallen Empire, another really great analog-only label. I especially recommend the tapes from Desolate Winds and Hermóðr, both of which are still available. Downloads are nice, of course, but you seriously should get on those cassettes. Really great material from some unknown underground acts.

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Clayton said...

You aren't kidding, I just went through and sampled everything on the label; all killer.