New Stuff from Strange Rules

Four new tapes (and some newly available digital downloads of previously available and now sold-out releases) are available from our friends at Strange Rules, including the last few copies of the two Ruinous Tactics cassettes that you see above. The label is one of my favorites, as it's difficult to know what to expect - they're always being us something new and fresh. And the same standard of high quality is unquestionably always present.

The tapes above promise the same. Described as "imperial industrial" and featuring "grinding atmosphere" and "nostalgic synths and electronics manipulation [that] wash over plotted drum machine", it seems there is little chance that these will not be good. Especially when we consider that they were both edited and mastered by Zen Zsigo himself. As I said above, there are only a few copies of each of these remaining.

 Also available is the first tape from Britain's Wounder, titled Youth Will Thunder. Wounder features members of several underground bands, and have produced a tape of high quality "true British industrial power electronics." Limited to 50 copies.

Last but not least is the first Strange Rules tape of black metal - a demo cassette from lo-fi black metal band Bound Bible, which features the hyper-talented people behind Cremation Lily and A Pregnant Light. Also features artwork from the lovely and awesome Sophie Penrose.

You probably don't want to miss out on any of these if you can help it; get them while they last.

And as I alluded to above, Strange Rules is experimenting with digital media now, making some previous releases that are now out of print available as low-cost digital downloads. You can grab downloads of sold-out tapes from Cremation Lily, Council of Europa, Natural Assembly, and others. Support the bands and labels if you do download these, and please don't spread them. They're available here at a very low cost, and if it goes well, it may be a practice that the label continues with. 

All of this can be purchased from Strange Rules.


Grimlin said...

there's a sample of one of the ruinous tactics tapes here:

kinda reminds me of vatican shadow

planningforburial said...

i may or may not have had a part in the ruinous tactics recordings...