Sutekh Hexen, Behind the Throne LP/CD/CS

The next installment of Sutekh Hexen's dark, heavy, drone and noise-infused ambient metal is now available in all formats. What promises to be an epic and crushing journey into darkness and void is finally unleashed upon an unsuspecting public, and is sure to drive the masses into the depths of psychological torment and decades of team-based therapy.

Or it will just be a great fucking record.

The standard edition LP is available now from Magic Bullet Records, on pink and purple vinyl, with the promise of a die-hard edition coming soon, with elaborate deluxe packaging. Those worrying that this will sell out before you get a copy, Magic Bullet insists that it will stay in print as long as there is demand for it. That said, though, get one now. Ya know, just so you can say you were there. If you order the LP ($9.99), you can get the CD for only an additional $3. Or you can order the CD on its own for $6. More than fair pricing is the norm for Magic Bullet, and this is no exception.

Should you be a collector/completist, or if you just prefer cassettes, head over to Wohrt Records to grab the limited cassette edition of this album, which comes packaged in a handmade wooden box, with a sticker. Pro-pressed, chrome-quality cassettes. Only 25 left as of the publishing of this post, this is unlikely to last through the night.

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