thisquietarmy, Resurgence 2xLP, Vessels LP, and Phantom Limbs CS

I have to admit I'm really late to the party on thisquietarmy, much like our predecessor Beau was when he interviewed Mr. Quach back in 2009. I had heard nothing but good things, and had always figured, "Well, he worked with Nadja, he must be something else. I'll have to check this stuff out one of these days."That day came just recently, as I picked up the first album, Unconquered, from Experimedia on a whim. Upon playing it, I was instantly obsessed with thisquietarmy; the album is nothing less than a masterpiece. So after playing it twice, I decided I'd better check in on the newer material. Last year's Resurgence is another tremendous album that is as heavy and as dark as any metal album you'll put on. Seamlessly blending drone, shoegaze, post-rock, psychedelic, and a variety of other styles, thisquietarmy really possesses a sound all its own. That sound especially shines on this record. The textures at work here are really just mind-blowing. This records apparently took about 4 years to make, and that fact is obvious in the finished product. You can pick up this 2xCD or 2xLP from Eric Quach's TQA store, or from Denovali Records.

Also new from thisquietarmy is the album Vessels, out now on CD and LP from Aurora Borealis. This one explores the theme of the sea and man's sometimes quiet and reserved, but often tumultuous, relationship with it. What really stands out about this album is the percussion, which gives it a heaviness that is not present in this capacity on other albums. Epic and bombastic.

From our friends at Land of Decay, you can also grab a terrific new cassette of some older thisquietarmy material. Looks like it was recorded after the Aftermaths album in 2010, shelved, and resuscitated by the guys in Locrian, who we know surely have a good ear for killer music. Check out a sample below, and grab the tape from Land of Decay, who also have some new cassettes available from Gates and Cultus Sabbati.

If you'd like to get digital copies of some of this stuff, or just want to check it out before you lay down some of your heard-earned cash, Eric has a bunch of stuff available for downloading and streaming at the thisquietarmy Bandcamp page. There's a plethora of really great and expansive music there, so you are encouraged to indulge your senses.

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