3 New Titles from Brave Mysteries - Burial Hex, Phurpa, and Elisha Morningstar

What you see above is the most recent cassette to be released by our friends at Brave Mysteries, the Eschatology II tape from Burial Hex. At once beautiful, haunting, and unmistakable thoughtful, this is one of the best Burial Hex releases in recent memory, and not one you'll want to miss. From the label:

"Eschatology II" is the second installment of the "Precession of Nightfall" cycle which will eventually culminate in the "Nightfall" divination kit and cassette boxset. A cycle which presents eight unique 30 minute compositions exploring a new hallucinatory concept of ritual precession as a means to further explore the divinations of Mother Midnight; also known as The Reading of Readings, The Oracles of The Oracle, and/or The Visions of The Void.

You can stream the release on the Burial Hex Bandcamp, linked above, but I give you fair warning that you will likely be blown away. Invest in this tape, because compressed digital recordings, while convenient, only take you so far into what truly exists here.

Second, a new release from Phurpa, one of the most unique musical projects on Earth. The Trowo Phurnag Ceremony 2xLP that came out on Stephen O'Malley's Ideologic Organ label was a breathtaking exploration of pre-Buddhist Tibetan sounds, and this continues in that same line of exploration. Again, you can check out Phurpa by clicking the Bandcamp link above, but cassettes are the real deal. I can not possibly recommend this enough.

Third of all, this terrific sounding tape from Francesco Tignola, who happens to be the same dude that runs the great power electronics label Joy de Vivre. Recording under the moniker Elisha Morningstar, Franceso has created a C40 of wonderfully thoughtful post-industrial noise. Formulated with field recordings and synths, the sounds here are like nothing you'll here anywhere else.

I'm always excited for new releases from Brave Mysteries, but this batch has me more excited than usual. I'm off to order all of these right now, and I suggest you do the same. Get them all (for only $5 each, plus shipping) here.

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Grimlin said...

too bad that phurpa tape isn't new material, but i droned out hard to it regardless. a very interesting group