Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, The Boundary Between The Living And The Deceased Dissolved

Damn, this is an incredible package. I'm broke as hell right now, but I ponied up the $36 for it. That may sound expensive for an one-sided LP, a one-sided 7", and a CD, but there's really a lot at work here. (See the video of Bill Bailey below, explaining and showing everything that comes in this elaborate package.) And consider that these are being sold at cost, and won't be making any profits for anyone... that, for me, makes it easier to dish out the money. In any case, it will be well-worth it... especially if you're a tried and true BSBC fan such as myself. The material on the LP is supposedly some of the best work BSBC has done, and I don't doubt that for a second. It was recorded live on Halloween, so I'm going on the assumption that it is likely some of their darkest work. The 7" is call D.D.T.T.C.P. (Destruction Dedicated to the Cherry Point), and as you can probably guess, is inspired by and dedicated to harsh noise artist The Cherry Point. The CD contains more previously unreleased material, and is untitled. There are a lots of additions to this (including a silk-screened slipmat), but I will let Mr. Bailey tell you about them:

This is limited to only 235 copies, so if you want it, you should act pretty quickly. Get more info and order the package at Equation Records.

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