Circle of Eyes LP

I've been meaning to get to this for along while now, and I'm really psyched to finally be telling you about this, one of my favorite records of the past couple of years. This one gets a lot of play around here. While I first fell in love with the digital files, mp3s do this recording no justice whatsoever.

The band is Circle of Eyes, which consists of our friend Kevin Gan Yuen of Sutekh Hexen and Viraloptic, and Thrull from Necrite and Black Fucking Cancer. Also providing blood-curdling vocals on this release is our buddy Jimmy from Swamp Witch and Your Enemy. The lineup alone should tell you all you need to know about how essential this album is.

It is made up of three tracks (over 37 minutes) of ambient, droning doom of the absolute highest caliber. To say this is slow and heavy is quite an understatement. I could make the Khanate comparison, as the band utilizes well-placed dissonance, and experiments with the limits of space, as the masters themselves did, but even that fails to adequately communicate the haunting, chilling depths of this release. That atmosphere is cold, crushing, and ruthless; the irony here is the only the warm tones of the vinyl can aptly translate these songs from music to pure sonic devastation. This is best suited for playing late at night, in the presence of utter darkness, with the volume levels as high as possible.  I generally save words like "punishing" for death metal or grindcore, but this record punishes like no death or grind ever could. It will certainly bring you to the cellar of your soul; it may have you questioning your life, your purpose -  but you will never question the expertise of the artists at work on this brilliant record.

The three tracks were mastered by James Plotkin; the art and design is the work of Kevin Gan Yuen, Stephen Wilson, and J├│hannes Gunnar ├×orsteinsson. Tip-on single sleeve Stoughton jackets, black dust sleeves, three buttons and an 18" x 24" fold out poster, not to mention a download card so that you may enjoy digital files when the turntable is not possible, The download also includes the Circle of Eyes demo, so you're getting nearly 90 minutes of music.

The record is limited to 325 copies: 160 on black wax, 110 on white vinyl and 55 (long sold-out) on orange vinyl.

You can sample the album here, but the vinyl makes all the difference in the world with a release like this. You can order the LP from Anti-Matter Records here.

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