New Writer Introduction

I don't know why this picture makes me laugh, but it does. Is what we do dumb? I dunno. I don't think so, but maybe in the grand scheme of things...

But I do know that we're welcoming a  new writer to HSS, and his writing is by no means dumb. I know him from the Pure Stench Forums as rottingmouth, and he'll be going by the moniker Isolette here. He always has thoughtful, meaningful things to say about the better noise, power electronics, and industrial releases and labels, so it is quite a pleasure to have him writing for us about that stuff from time to time as well.

Welcome, dude. It's our honor.

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Anonymous said...

Some writing about music is dumb! What you guys do... is an absolutely great job! Looking forward to the new writers posts; keep up the stellar work :)
- Michael