Nightbringer / Acherontas Split LP

True black metal. Nightbringer and Acherontas are two of the best bands at work today keeping the original vision of black metal alive, and it is quite a pleasure to see them together, bringing the darkness and mysticism of the truly occult to this LP of 6 songs (4 by Nightbringer, and 2 from Acherontas).

I've gone back and forth on Acherontas over the years. They've produced some truly fine black metal, and they've also produced some disappointments. The good typically outweighs the rest, though, so this is a band who deserves to be celebrated for its accomplishments.Their material on this LP is top-notch, fast-paced black metal featuring some quite memorable guitar work, with chilling ambient pieces to accentuate the dark and chaotic atmosphere. This Greek coven are at the height of their powers here, as the songwriting, musicianship, and atmosphere are all incredible.

Nightbringer are simply one of the best bands in all of metal. They consistently produce and release the blackest of black metal, never disappointing, never anything but absolutely stellar. And their work on this split is no exception. 4 songs exploring the black abyss, as good as anything they've done.

The LP itself... packaged in a single-pocket outer sleeve with the phenomenal artwork you see above, which contains a full-color printer inner sleeve with lyrics and notes. The initial copies of this were on light blue wax, but those seem to be gone, and the remainder are on black wax. In fact, It looks like there aren't a whole lot of these left to go all. This was released in Europe by Poland's Agonia Records, but copies in the US can be obtained from The Ajna Offensive. Ajna has only 20, so hustle if you want this.

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