Njiqahdda/Njiijn/Oaks of Bethel/Funeral Eclipse 4-Way Split 2xCD

2 CDs. 8 tracks. And nearly 2 hours of music. Imagine how much time, energy, and pieces of the artists' souls have gone into the writing and recording of this album... it's something to really think about. It's something we should really consider when we listen to any and all music that is crafted with integrity and honor, but for whatever reason these days, it's not something that a lot of people really give much consideration to.

The epic scope and breadth of this 4-way split album, titled Departures of the Golden Temple, is a reminder to us all that music doesn't write and record itself. It is born in the hearts and spirits of those who manifest it, and in my humble opinion, that is something that we can never afford to forget, not even for a second.

My love and respect for the guys from Njiqahdda and EEE Recordings has been well-documented in my time here at HSS, and to hear this new album is a tremendous gift. This may not be soul music, but it is certainly not lacking in how much soul is delivered in each and every second of all eight songs. The album features three new Njiqahdda tracks, one from Njiijn, two tracks from Funeral Eclipse and one 32-minute + track from Oaks of Bethel. Many forms of music are presented here, obviously - black metal, death metal, ambient, noise, folk - and while that may be the case with a lot of records, the lines between these styles are blurred on this record as much as on any record I've heard. This is what music - and extreme music, in particular - is all about. There is so much life and so much heart here that it's hard, if not impossible, to not be absolutely in love with this album. I give it my highest possible recommendation.

It is available now in various formats. At the EEE Recordings Bandcamp page, you can stream and/or download the album, as well as other new materials from Njiqahdda and Oaks of Bethel. The album can also be had in its standard and super-limited deluxe editions here. Obviously, the physical formats are the way to go, but the decision is yours.

Total, undying support.

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Anonymous said...

If they would sell to people outside the US again, this would be a definite (physical) purchase.