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High aura'd is Massachusetts-based musician John KolodijHerein, he explores sound, volume and depth. Forged in the outer rings of Boston in 2009, High Aura'd was born of a mutual respect for what had come before and a longing for a timely future. Influenced as much by Richard Serra and Robert Smithson, Jim Jarmusch and Alejandro Jodorowsky as Loren Connors and Lichens, he set foot on a path of enlightenment through self exploration and innovation; trying to capture space, time, and raw emotion. Guitars of all sorts - acoustic, electric, pedal steel - and field recordings are utilized. Performances are often accompanied by film projection.

High aura'd has shared the stage with Old Man Gloom, Loren Connors, Barn Owl, The Body, Deaf Center, Work/Death, Xela, amd Scott Tuma, among many others. Releases include a split with Andre Foisy of Locrian on Stunned Records, a split with Xela on Sweat Lodge Guru, Mooncusser on Los Discos Enfantasmes, and most recently, Sanguine Futures on Bathetic.

High aura'd will play some East Coast dates with Sutekh Hexen this Fall.

Kolodij also books special events in the Boston area as Spectral Rehab. For more information, visit and

These are things I've been repeatedly visiting and re-visiting...

GAS - Konigsforst
Suzuki Junzo  - Ode to a Blue Ghost  
Codeine - ALL
Gates    Eintraum
Sutekh Hexen - Larvae
Guy Reibel - Granulations-Sillages / Franges du Signe
Zelienople - The World Is A House On Fire
Mutilation Rites - Empyrean
Townes Van Zandt - Live at The Old Quarter
GOG - In Our Architecture This Resounds
UNWOUND - Leaves Turn Inside You
Suum Cuique - Ascetic Ideals

Ray Bradbury - Dandelion Wine
Lucky Peach #4
Rudolph Wurlitzer - Hard Travel to Sacred Places
Carl Sagan - The Demon Haunted World

Don Coscarelli - Phantasm
Ridley Scott - Prometheus
Anthony Mann - The Naked Spur
Dario Argento - Suspiria
Andrew Dominik - The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Terence Malick - Badlands

Grilled clams
Matunuck Oysters
Striped Bass
Tacos from Tallulah's Tacos

Wine :
Rose/Sauvignon Blanc/ Mourvedre

Beer :
New England Brewing Sea Hag
Pretty Things Magnifico
21st Amendment Bitter American

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