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Canadian multi-instrumentalist Martin Dumais is one half of Montreal's Aun, which has been releasing music since 2007 that walks the line between psychedelic, shoegaze,  and electronic and ambient forms of music. Never resting on their laurels, Aun's catalog is diverse, and their releases can be found on labels such as Oral Records, Alien 8 Recordings, Important Records, and Denovali Records. Soon to embark on a European tour that will include stops at Germany's Phobos Festival and Latvia's Zemlika Festival, Aun will be playing new and old music in their characteristic audio and visual style.

Martin has also played in Les Jardiniers and Skinwell.

Some of Aun's more recent material can be streamed and/or downloaded from Denovali Records.


Wall of Voodoo ''Lost Weekend''
Already an avid record collector in 1982, I decided to tag along for a last time for my parents yearly vacation. I was becoming a bit too old for the Myrtle Beach, South-Carolina trips, but the lure of scoring some new wax and stuffing myself with lobster took over. Not much was to be found in the south, apart from a beat up copy of Can's Soon Over Babaluma, which I still play today. On the way home, I asked my father to stop in Rochester (NY), to fill my vinyl urges. Once in downtown Rochester, like a hound dog, I rapidly sniffed out to my parents amazement, a small shop on a side street, where I acquired exactly what I was looking for at the time: Yello's ''You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess'', and mostly the genius story telling of Wall of Voodoo's Stan Ridgeway, at his peek on the classic Call of The West album.

Swans ''A screw (Holy Money)''
1986, after partying all night in Montreal's red light, I ended up at the then famous Dutchy's Record Cave shop, their first client when they opened up on Saturday. I then picked up amazing music from Jah Wobble with ex: Can's Jaki Liebezeit and Holger Czukay, and the extended version of Swans, '' A screw (Holy Money)'', which is more experimental and electronic then on the LP version. NYC gutter poetry, industrial electronics and Norman Westberg's diseased guitar, could still pummel most bands. ''open your mouth, here's your money,'' Michael Gira barked. Still in a very high state, I put this on the bedroom stereo, and it was most certainly a life changing moment.

Fripp and Eno ''The Heavenly Music Corporation'
Bought this at Discomanie, another great but long gone Montreal shop, with an eclectic and thoughtful selection which catered to Montreal's prog and electronic community. I was then twelve years old, and the stunning mirrored artwork is probably what first drew me to this album, an album which at first I found a little difficult to understand with its minimalist and alien sounding music. When I first put it on my fathers huge wooden stereo cabinet, I could not sit thru the whole 20 minutes, but it rapidly grew on me and my friend Martin Lebrun, with whom I’d made very long, 8 plus hour mix tapes on a slowed down real to real, which was played via his dad's wooden paneled very lo-fi stereo. Dubbed onto eventually very decayed tapes, was a then growing collection of Brian Eno LPs, of which 'Heavenly Music Corporation' was a favorite, (even more so when we discovered weed soon after). At last count I now have at home, 8 versions of this album, all in different states and formats. Eno's later collaborations with David Byrne, Harold Budd, Jon Hassel or Daniel Lanois, are also still today amongst the frequently revisited.

Boards of Canada ''Roygbiv''
While recording with my old band Les Jardiniers, then living a dangerous and draining lifestyle, we had rented a cottage next to a lake in Saint-Gabriel de Brandon, Québec. I had this album on loop while sitting on the beach with a blank stare . BOC’s music had an appeasing dreamlike quality that soothed a then broken self.

Zoviet France ''Mohnomishe''
In the 80's and 90's the temple of industrial, electronic and outsider music in Montreal, was called Bunker Records, a shop which was almost as much a hang out as a store for some. Without even listening to them, we would snatch up all the copies of Zoviet France’s albums as soon as they came out. Without even listening to them first, we felt they were worth the price for their rarely since seen elaborately packaged vinyls. Made of sheets of hammered metal, silk screened masonite boards, tar paper or oversized vinyl sheets. Zoviet France's early recordings, were some of the most influential and original from these master freeform experimentalist. Still are.

Throbbing Gristle 'Dead on Arrival'
Cosey playing some rather deranged and nasty, primitive riffs to Carter's clanging electronics. Mangled, twisted, beautiful. Got to meet Cosey in Leipzig last year, was a bit awed by her presence

Abba 'The Visitors'
My father mostly to listened classical music with a focus on organ music, which my mother could not stand, having more middle of the road and soft jazzy tastes. They however did find common musical ground in their ABBA collection. The album 'The Visitors' was in parts a bit more somber, or at least somber as ABBA could be, it was also there least popular record. Continuing on the yearly christmas tradition of giving the new ABBA album to my folks, this would be the last one, as it was the swede's last ever recordings. If you manage to peel away the syrupy content of ABBA, you are left with an the evident genius body of work from the Scandinavian songsmiths.

Mylène Farmer ''L'instant X''
Could have chosen several titles from this artist, which is probably not something people would expect from an AUN playlist, but always had a thing for a few fluffy french pop productions, like Mylène Farmer’s and also Vanessa Paradis' Serge Gainsbourg-produced album. Have traveled all over listening to these, almost always copies on cassette or CD in the car for the last 20 years. While very light musically, Mylène Farmer's lyrics sometimes have a very nihilist, bleak content which we revel in.

Minimal Compact ''Not Knowing''
The classy song from the none lesser classy Israeli band. Had the pleasure of celebrating with Samy Birnbach (aka DJ Morpheus), his 50 anniversary during a few gigs we shared in a previous life. M. Birnbach came out alive, but with a very severe hang over, from hanging with the Canadian woodsmen. He also took back to Brussels, some of the nastiest french expressions Québec has to offer.

Cocteau Twins ''Oomingmak''
Bought it the day it came out in 86, dropped acid, dropped the stereo needle, dropped out. Wow!

Recently have been listening a lot to mt old ECM records jazz collection, especially The Colors of Chloe by Eberhard Weber. Also Enjoying recent stuff like Hype Williams and Sun Glitters and since we are often in Germany, am trying to complete my Tangerine Dream collection...

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