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Venowl is a horrific, noise-inflicted doom metal band from Illinois. Along with a handful of demos which were digitally released shortly after their 2009 inception, Venowl have released recordings on A Terre Records, Ivory Antler Records, and Triangulum Ignis. Upcoming releases include a 7" on King of the Monsters, and a handmade, self-released full-length album titled Patterns of Failure. Originally a two-piece comprised of members ][ and ::, they have recently welcomed bassist // into the fold. They will make their first public appearance July 13th at Borg Ward in Milwaukee, WI, playing alongside Burial Hex and Sun Splitter. For more information, visit


Senthil - "Crypticorifislit" (2005): Tortured, horrific, mangled sound. A large influence on what we do and how we view music. If you are a fan of uninhibited, loathsome, aural sadism, do not sleep on Senthil any longer. Our closest sonic equivalent, yet this duo still goes unmatched. - ][ ::

Black Mass of Absu - "Trudging to Calvary" (1997): Crawling, funereal doom metal from a troupe of still-unknown (aside from frontman Mr. Ski-Mask) musicians in New York. Excellent vocal delivery. - ][

Low - "John Prine" (2003): One doesnt need to dabble in volume excess to communicate a message of man's inherent darkness. Vocalist/guitarist Alan Sparhawk's clenched-teeth hatred and paranoia on this track alone is just as introspective and magnificent as Rainer Landfermann's landmark vocal performance on Bethlehem's "Dictius Te Necare." We also attempted to cover this once before. - ][ ::

Ehnahre - "Foehn (Lullaby)" (2010): If we used sharp blades instead of ragged chisels we would hopefully sound like Ehnahre. - ::

Ved Buens Ende - "Written in Waters" (1995): Amorphous yet with consistent focus, seamless while remaining angular, this album is an absolute milestone. A wandering wash of dread and devastation that refined the 'avant' tendencies for its time. The unparalleled work of Carl-Michael Eide continues to confuse us with glimpses of hope alongside nihilistic urges concealed by a frightening and foreign otherworld. This is his purest and most innocent manifestation, and its an album that altered the experiment in the extreme. - //

Univers Zero – "Heresie" (1979): The output by this group presents itself in many forms, some more sporadic than others. "Heresie" presents depraved, maddening sounds that very effectively oppress the listener. While performed in a 'classical' format the music is in ways prototypical for future works in and outside of metal that would strive for an abyssal depth to their blackened intensity. - //

Karlheinz Stockhausen - "Luzifers Abschied (from the Licht Cycle 1977-2003)": Dark ambient without the need for a precursor or name. - ::

Derek Bailey: For those who are unaware, Venowl is an improvised project, acting as somewhat of a snapshot of our current state of anger frustration and suffering. Better known as the father of 'free improv,' Bailey's disjointed, thoughtless approach to the guitar, and music in general, is a great source of inspiration to our own automatic approach. A mistake was made? Good. Each sound made is a projection of our state of mind as a unit. To quote Bailey, "There has to be some degree, not just of unfamiliarity, but incompatibility [with a partner]. Otherwise, what are you improvising for?" - ][ :: //

Njiqahdda: Our brothers both musically and personally. Njiqahdda, as well as the various projects of which they take part, go largely unnoticed, even if Njiqahdda's own progression into new sonic territory often predates, and mirrors, the rest of the music world's own progression. The original "transcendental" (if you check descriptions on the EEE Recordings site, recordings ca. 2005/6 were imbued with the "transcendental" tag) black metal band with nothing to prove to anyone. - ][ :: //

Kinit Her: Tasteful, unsettling boundary pushing. - ][ ::


"A Negro Hung Alive By The Ribs To A Gallows" by William Blake (1796): If you do a little light research into some of the song titles on our newest album "Patterns of Failure," you will find a few garbled references to the written and visual works of William Blake. What horrors hath man wrought? We are have been and always will be abomination. Revel in mans failure to himself. - ][ // ::

Franz Kline: In case one could not place our homage to expressionist Emil Nolde with our "The Prophet" shirt, let it be known that the jagged, deconstructionist approach found within expressionism, and, in the context of Kline, abstract expressionism, deeply resound within us all. - ][ :: //


"An die Haltlosigkeiten
sich schmiegen:
zwei Finger im Abgrund, in den
rauscht Welt auf, es kommt
auf dich an." - Paul Celan (published posthumously 1976)

"The bounded is
loathed by its pos-
-sessor, The same
dull round even
of a univere would
soon become a
mill with complica-
-ted wheels." - William Blake (published 1795)

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