Two new titles from Zeitgeists Publishing

Zeitgeists Publishing has just released two new tapes, featuring some familiar names.

The first is a Natural Assembly and Cremation Lily split cassette, which saw its original release earlier this year on Strange Rules. The only difference between the releases is the packaging. This split cassette is extremely limited, available in an edition of 23 copies.

The second release is from Ex-Luminaire, which is being described as "an eccentric vision of harsh psychedelic black drone." This release, titled Archive II, is the second in a series of three releases from Ex-Luminaire. Archive II is available in an edition of 50 copies.

The cassettes are €8.00 each, and as always, they come with beautiful packaging designed and designed by John Jansen. Check out more photos of the packaging and order the tapes over at Zeitgeists' website.

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