Bosse-de-Nage, III CD & 2xLP

The wonderfully eclectic bay-area black metal troop Bosse-de-Nage are back it again with another record of really strange outsider black metal. Calling the band black metal has come into question, I guess, by people who concern themselves with these things ; there are certainly aspects of other types of music here, and that's what makes BDN so good, but the root of this is black metal. I find it hard to question that, but then again, I really don't care, because the band is really, really great, regardless of what genre you put them in. If you haven't heard them, you're doing yourself a tremendous disservice,because chances are that you haven't heard anything like them.

To be perfectly honest, this record didn't initially strike me as anything great, but the more I hear it, the more I enjoy it, and I think it may be their strongest work to date.

I would recommend checking out their sound at their Bandcamp page, but they don't have any music uploaded there. There is a song you can check out at Profound Lore, though, so do you due diligence.

The new album, iii (or III) is available on CD from Profound Lore, and now available on vinyl from The Flenser. The vinyl edition has been pressed to two LPs, packaged in a single sleeve, and mastered at 45 rpm for supreme sound quality. Black or clear vinyl. The Flenser has also released a repress of the second Bosse-de-Nage  album on wax as well, so if you missed out the first time around, you're in luck.

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