Destroy Judas, Wake 2xLP

One of the best metal albums to come out in the past couple of years is from California's Destroy Judas. I did a very short write-up on the album about a year and a half ago, when it only existed digitally (it still does, and you can download it for a price of your choosing here), but now it is getting a very limited physical release, and I'm really happy that the band decided to press it on vinyl. The music consists of crushing doom, with a beautiful and disconsolate atmosphere that raises this album to the next level. Doom is doom, and we've all heard it before, but these guys play a variety of doom that is highly emotive, and I dare say that this band is something very, very special.

The 2xLP, which is being self-released, will be pressed on gray vinyl, with an etching on the D-side and a full-color insert. The jackets are hand-painted and signed by Brandon Scales, hand-numbered, and will be packed in a vellum slipcover. Limited to only 150 copies, it is recommended that you pre-order this now. The price tag of $30 is steep, but considering the small quantity being pressed, and the amount of work going into this, I can't imagine the band making much or any money off of this. Support the band and buy this here.

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