Giles Corey, Deconstructionist

I post this now just to make you aware of its availability. It's the follow up to the self-titled Giles Corey album that came out last year- you know, the one that I called "perfect" and the record that I said may end up being the greatest I've heard in my life (here).

There will be a review of this coming soon. But I want to do it right. 24-hour fast, oven-mitts, and all. Should I survive, and not end up in intensive therapy, I will post my experience.

In any case, it's available as a download-only EP. Just 3 songs, but those 3 songs cover 90-minutes. And there is an "instruction manual" of sorts that goes with this. You must read the booklet first.

It's not up yet, but it should be in about an hour or so. You can buy it here.

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