Venowl - Patterns of Failure CDr and No Honour 7"

There are two new releases from noise/metal horde Venowl now available in their shop, one of which is the very limited CDr Patterns of Failure. The album is a three track, nearly one-hour assault on the senses, blending drone, noise, and metal, and it is a punishing amalgamation to say the very least. Crawling, lurching riffs, blood-curdling screams, and a black drone sensibility collide to create the mammoth sound on this album, which is by far my favorite Venowl recording this far. It really is quite amazing. I've had a digital copy of this for quite some time, and have played the mp3s thru headphones many a night; it's an understatement to say that the dreams that seem to stem from these recordings are quite dark indeed. A digital copy of the album can be had from the Venowl Bandcamp page, which will also link you to their BigCartel page where you can buy the CDr (limited to 22 copies, in really nice handmade packaging).

Also now available at the band's BigCartel page is their first vinyl release, a 7" titled No Honour. This was the band's final recording as a two-piece (whereas Patterns of Failure is their first as a trio), and as it says under the item description, it is raw, sloppy and angry- three traits that are characteristic of any Venowl recording, but especially of this one. The A-side contains the 7-minute title track, while the B-side features the song re-imagined by Iron Forest. The cover, which you see above, features the killer artwork of our friend Stephen Wilson, aka Black Uroborus Illustrations. The 7" can be streamed and/or bought at the Bandcamp page, and can be had from the BigCartel page as well as from King of the Monsters Records.

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