William Cody Watson, Bill Murray LP

This is one of those kinds of records that I sometimes have real trouble writing about. It's a record that I've played about a dozen times, and I really love it, but it's hard to find the words to describe how it sounds or what it conjures inside of me.

This LP, the latest from William Cody Watson (who recently posted a playlist for us), has one untitled track on each side, each of which are broken down into movements - movements of dreamy, almost-psychedelic drones that move and meld together rather organically, leaving the listener in a sort of weary, lazy state of relaxation. It's a gorgeous record that at times plays off of some strange fits of distortion and other noise - sounds that seem very alien but not altogether unwelcome. The dynamics that keep the ambiance and the noise in control are impressive to say the least.

What I love about the record is how emotive it is. It often feels very cinematic, but doesn't get ahead of itself by becoming too grand or ambitious. Bill Murray is very comfortable with what it is, and I love that about this album. The atmospheres produced by Watson are effervescent and hazy, but still very direct. Rarely have I heard an album of drones that is as disciplined as this one, and while disciplined is not generally a good characteristic for this kind of record, it works very well here. I honestly wouldn't change a thing.

For more information, and to buy the record, visit Bathetic Records. There's a combo package too, in which you can get Bill Murray and the new High Aura'd record, which we reviewed recently, for one low price. High recommended.

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