William Fowler Collins, Tenebroso

The newest album of eerie, dark, experimental ambient brilliance by William Fowler Collins is now available for pre-order from our good friends at Handmade Birds. It is an incredible release that makes finding words for very difficult, but rest assured that it is his darkest work yet, making it fitting that it be included as part of Handmade Birds' Dark Icons series.

It is at times suffocating, at times quite spacious; it is at times unyielding, and at others very free; at times cinematic in nature, but most of the time much darker and oppressive than most music that would qualify as cinematic. One thing is for certain, however - the record, as it plays, will appeal to the more morose side of the human spirit. There is no humor here, and seemingly little hope.

To put it another way, the best way to describe this album is to say that it sounds like bleeding out, approaching the end.

The CD is available in a couple of different packages - one with the new Utarm CD and a Human Quena Orchestra LP, one with a limited 4-way split cassette featuring Njiqahdda, Venowl, Cara Neir, and Horseback, and one featuring that cassette and the Utarm CD. Pick your poison - they're all gold. Pre-order any of those packages here.

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