Lasher Keen, Berserker 2xLP

This totally sneaked up on me.

I love it when that happens. 

I had heard the Lasher Keen Possessed by the Forest Queen 10' that Pesanta put out a few years back, in the early days of the label. I liked it well enough; it is original, that much is certainly true. You don't hear an awful lot of folk music that sounds like this nowadays. But I'll admit that it's not something that finds its way to my turntable an awful lot. 

The mistake is mine, and I take full responsibility for my heinous crime. I will listen to Possessed by the Forest Queen again, with more open ears, because Berserker has me completely transfixed.

As previously stated, this is folk music. Medieval, psychedelic, heathen folk music that is as dark and intense as it is joyous and exuberant.  It's difficult, if not nearly impossible to find music of any genre that at once guides you to the dark side of things while affirming life itself; the last two records that did that with any degree of excellence were Giles Corey's self titled from last year, and Panopticon's On The Subject of Mortality. And if you're keeping up, you know that those are two of my all-time favorite records. I've had this album for less than 24 hours as I type this, but I can tell you that this is making its way to the top.

The rhythms and melodies on this record are so captivating that I can't stop listening. The songs that at first seem to gallop along merrily on further listen reveal a force that I can't recall ever hearing on a folk record. This is heavy, powerful music that I could blather on about for about 12 pages, but it's not going to do any good for you to just read this. This is an album that must be heard. Absolute highest recommendation.

The 2xLP features gorgeous cover artwork by Markus Wolff (of Waldteufel, L'Acephale, A Minority of One, and Hex Magazine, among other things), is presented in a gorgeous high-quality gatefold, and comes with a 30-page booklet with lyrics and art, as well as a digital download. Available on black vinyl (an edition of 393) or gold and red splatter vinyl limited to 93 (that looks rather excellent, I might add).

Purchase this from Pesanta Urfolk, here. And if you're feeling frisky, grab the Possessed by the Forest Queen 10" as well. It's on sale.


rigemortis said...

I cant wait to hear everyones parts. I have one coming to me in the mail right now.

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