TWINSISTERMOON "Bogyrealm Vessels" CD

I know this is kind of out there for what gets typically posted on HSS, but just as Handmade Birds is branching out I think we should too.  Handmade Birds, who’ve put out some pretty awesome releases in the last year or so, like Servile Sect’s “Trvth,” Circle of Ouroborus’ “Eleven Fingers” and “The Lost Entrance of the Just,” and Sutkeh Hexen’s “Larvae,” have put out this dusky woodsy folk/drone album from TWINSISTERMOON.  Now, if you don’t know this dude, he’s one half of the French pair called Natural Snow Buildings.  They’ve been putting out releases for over ten years now.  TWINSISTERMOON is Mehdi Ameziane’s solo venture.  “Bogyrealm Vessels” is overall his fifth or sixth full length depending on how you’re counting.  Honestly, this isn’t any departure from his earlier work.  But, if you can dig what he’s played before, no doubt you’ll love this. 

TWINSISTERMOON has two different sounds that he goes back and forth on throughout his albums.  They’re quite different but very complementary.  On the one hand, he creates wispy drones that blow through like a wintry wind through a shaded wood.  Very appropriate for the coming season that’s about to hit us.  They look out panoramically over snow covered topography and bring an overwhelming sense of ontology and melancholy and stillness to one’s core.  On the other hand, he creates very dreamy gentle folk ballads as he sings softly with an androgynously maternal charm.  It’s just him and his acoustic guitar with possibly the accompaniment of a harmonium (?) or accordion (?) for atmospherics.  Recordings are intentionally super lo fi, maybe even recorded to 4-track.  I love the diversity of the two sounds braided throughout the album.  It keeps interest, but like I said before, they’re very complementary. 
This album is really pretty appropriate for anyone who reads this blog if you think about it.  First, if you read HSS then you are probably interested in experimentation and true artistry.  No doubt, TWINSISTERMOON fits that bill as he has a trademark sound and formula like none other.  Second, I bet you're into some dark shit.  TWINSISTERMOON might not cast a large shadow, but he does meet you where you’re at as far as glumness and a nocturnally meditative aura.  And third, HSS breaks down the barriers of musical limitations by opening up its readers to new horizons of sonic possibilities.  TWINSISTERMOON is worth adding to your repertoire.  I’m sure many of you are already aware of him, or at least the complete whole that is Natural Snow Buildings.  The solo project of the other half of NSB is Isengrind, by the way.  Check out her stuff too while you’re at it. 
Speaking of her, Solange Gularte is also responsible for the awesome comic style art on a lot of their releases as well as this one.  “Bogyrealm Vessels” is a gorgeous DVD size digipack with full color all over art.  It’s amazing how strange and how detailed is his artwork.  Beautiful presentation though that adds to the enigmatic entity that is TWINSISTERMOON. This is definitely worth getting when it is out.  If you dig this, don’t forget his discography that is all consistently this good. 


kokoon said...

Note - Solange is actually a girl.

kokoon said...

Oh, and thanks for the heads-up, I'm a big fan of their work!