Update on Fallen Empire Records

It's been a while - too long, in fact - since I wrote about anything going on with Fallen Empire Records. Not only has Mike turned Fallen Empire into a go-to distro for a lot of hard to find European metal releases (at better than reasonable prices), but he's also released a shitload of great metal. New releases are coming out this weekend, so I thought this a good time to remind you all how awesome Fallen Empire is.

What is posted above is a sold out cassette by The Rain in Endless Fall titled La Oscuridad Doth Dar La Inmortalidad. Sadly, I missed out on getting the cassette, and haven't seen it pop on on discogs, so I am forced into making a download work for me. What's nice is that you can do the same, as Mike has put it up for free streaming and download on the Fallen Empire Bandcamp. I really wish I had this tape, and really can't wait for the full-length that's due out in 2013. The black metal these folks from Portland make is sick - nearly monolithic in its heavy and fast-paced approach to black metal, with a dense, claustrophobic atmosphere that will pummel you down. It's hypnotic and addicting. You can download it free of charge, but you're encouraged to show Mike some love either by naming a price that is not $0, or by buying some goods from the store. If downloads are all you're gonna do right now, I highly recommend the sold-out cassettes from Hermóðr, Desolate Winds, and Tardigrada. All amazing.

Besides his own releases, Mike's got some amazing distro finds - the Mutiilation LPs are all in stock, along with some great shit from Triangulum Ignis, the self-titled Ygg LP, the newest Khors LP, and sooooo much more. So keep your eyes open for the new releases this weekend, and do some shopping. You'll be very pleased that you did. If it's in the Fallen Empire shop, it's worth owning.

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