Bastard Sapling, Dragged From Our Restless Trance LP

After a demo tape in 2008 and a 7" in 2010, Virginia's Bastard Sapling are preparing to release their debut full-length album, Dragged From Our Restless Trance, on Forcefield Records later this month (the 23rd, to be exact) in a vinyl edition limited to 500 copies. I'm eagerly anticipating ordering this one - this band is really, really good, and few people have heard of them. 4 songs and 40 minutes of outstanding black metal. Nothing groundbreaking here, but the riffs - OH, those riffs! Melodic and intense, with atmosphere a-plenty. I've played this one a couple of times and I'm addicted already. At times it pretty savage, at other times it is epic and majestic, but always feels cold, desolate, and just grim enough to keep you coming back. Not exactly depressive or despondent... perhaps wistful is the best word. This record seems to feature a little bit of all the best parts of black metal in well-written and memorable songs. I really think people need to hear this, because I'm convinced they'll enjoy it. I can totally see big things happening for this band in the future if the continue to write and play songs like these.

You can get this on cassette now, and the LP, which will be pressed on obsidian-black and cocaine-white vinyl, and packed in a gatefold sleeve with a patch and insert, will be available soon from our friends at Forcefield Records.

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