Black Mountain Transmitter - Playing with Dead Things

For your Halloween pleasure, copied directly from the email...

Three years after the release of "Black Goat Of The Woods" Black Mountain Transmitter returns with a cautionary tale of necromancy..."Playing With Dead Things".
Presenting a sepulchral sonic seance in two 17 minute parts, channeled directly to an antiquated magnetic recording device.
The album is released today in two formats:
1) Coffinblock art edition cassette, limited to 179 copies available from Auris Apothecary. Each C35 cassette is presented in a hand produced stained wooden "coffin", with wax sealed wrap and double sided insert card. Standard Plebian edition comes with brown wrap. There is a very limited Patrician red wrap variation.
2) Digital download available from Lysergic Earwax Bandcamp.
And make sure to check out the whole batch of Auris Apothecary's Halloween releases!

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