Deathstench - Rites of the Dead Moon 3" CDr, Welter in thy Blood one-sided LP

Pretty killer and highly limited release right here from the menacing Deathstench, who play a particularly dark and brooding style of music that combines blackened doom, drone, death-industrial, and dark ambient. This release comes on a 3" CDr, and contains one track (the title track) of thirteen minutes and thirteen seconds, performed and recorded in parts throughout the October waning moon cycle. Noise contributed to the track by Scott Miller (Cattle Decapitation, Sutekh Hexen). Each CDr is "handcrafted and personally imbued with magickal intent. Herbs were grown and tended by hand and harvested according to tradition." You can read more about this release, and buy it, at Black Goat Records. I personally wouldn't wait long. If you're not sold on the description, stream a clip of the track below.

You should also check out the Welter in thy Blood one-sided 12" titled The Grim Visage of Death. This has been out since 2008, it looks like, but is somehow still available. Ambient, blackened funeral doom that just crushes.

There are lots of great releases from this label, and all fit the season we now sit in perfectly. The label, again, is Black Goat Records.

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