Evoken and Warning 2xLPs from Kreation Records

UK doom metal band Warning saw it's demise in 2009 when Patrick Walker dissolved the band and formed 40 Watt Sun (which in 2011 released the excellent The Inside Room), ans since then, the number of fans searching for Warning's last full-length album Watching From a Distance on vinyl has been astronomical. Out of print for years, people have paid crazy amounts of money for the original pressing on discogs and eBay.  Well, Kreation Records have hopefully put an end to that, releasing a new edition of the record - 2xLP in a gatefold cover, offered in black and a grey/black blend. One of the most powerful and melancholic traditional doom albums of all time, finally on vinyl again. This is awesome.

New Jersey's Evoken certainly need no introduction. Kreation put out the 2xLP of A Caress of the Void in 2010, and now comes time to re-release Evoken's first full length, 1998's Embrace The Emptiness, again on 2xLP, with 100 on white vinyl with black and grey splatter.

Both of these can be pre-ordered now (expected in soon) from Seattle's Kreation Records.


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the Evoken cover was used by Muslimgauze on the "Your Mines In Kabul" 3xCD, released in 2000.

Blank said...

Actually, Ihate records released the 2xlp of A caress of the void, at least according to discogs & my own copy.


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blank said...

That was fast, just found it kreation did release it, as well ass ihate rec.
my mistake!

Anonymous said...

If you are in support of this band you might consider this post again.
This is what Patrick Walker wrote about this release:

..."The bottom line is, I want it to be known that Kreation Records' reissue of Watching from a Distance is, as far as I am concerned, unofficial, does not reflect myself or Warning and is not something that we are profiteering from in any way."...

Full statement: