HSS Exclusive Album - Rhuith, Shebirath Hakelim

The day is finally come that we announce the release of the Hammer Smashed Sound-exclusive album by Italian artist and musician Rhuith, titled Shebirath Hakelim. 5 songs, just short of 22 minutes. Rhuith's own experimental variety of weirdo-black metal is fully on display here, with elements of ambient music, post-rock, and other genres all playing a role in the final product. The album really is a trip, and it makes us very happy to bring it to you. Rhuith has always found a home at HSS - the blog has been a fan of Rhuith's music for a long time, going back to when it was Hammer Smashed Jazz and Beau was still running the show. I only found out about Rhuith by reading HSJ back in the day, so, as you can imagine, I'm quite proud to have continued the bond between Hammer Smashed Sound and Alex's music.

The album will be available as the inaugural release of the Hammer Smashed Sound Bandcamp (please note the new link at the top of the page), and it is a free download. It will be available exclusively through HSS for the rest of 2012, after which it will be available from the Rhuith Bandcamp.

Our humble and most gracious gratitude to Alex for allowing us to host this outstanding work. We are absolutely honored to bring this to you all. Please enjoy it.

We ask only that you don't upload it anywhere else. We'd like to keep people coming here for it, hoping to expose them to some other artists and their great music.

If there are any labels that are interested in releasing this in a physical format, please let us know, and we will forward any pertinent information to Alex.

Enough from us - get to that download!

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