Mamiffer/Pyramids Split LP

Everyone knows by now that Hydra Head Records, one of the trailblazing labels of today's underground, is on it's way out, but it appears that they appear to go out with a bang, making one of their final releases this tremendous split LP from two of the most unique bands in existence today.

Both bands defy categorization, as they fuse elements of post-rock, noise, ambient music, and other genres into uniquely experimental application of dense, hypnotic sound. As if both bands weren't nuanced enough already, they continue to push the envelope; Mamiffer, which is typically known for a a number of beautiful, haunting, piano-based tracks, has morphed into something entirely different here. They've brought more harsh, electronic noise into the mix, especially on the second track, "Ticha Noc" which features the stunningly gorgeous, ephemeral vocals of Faith Coloccia playing over top of the noise. One of the best Mamiffer tracks to date, without question.

If you've heard Pyramids (and if you haven't, what the hell is your excuse?), you should know enough by now that there is no way to predict what this project will offer next. Their track for this split, "This Is One For Everyone" embraces this idea of expecting the unexpected. This is raw, and aggressive, but at the same times sounds almost blissfully drugged-out and hazy. It seems to represent a dichotomy that I think one will only be able to appreciate and understand once they've heard it a dozen or so times. This one requires that you spend time with it - not for analysis, but for absorption.

The LP is available in a number of colors, including pink vinyl and black vinyl, but the prize here is the limited picture book edition which comes on clear/black wax, and includes a book of photos. Pre-order your copy here.

Old Man Gloom fans may also be interested in knowing that the repress of the Christmas 2xLP is now open for preorders as well...

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