New Offerings from Brave Mysteries

3 new albums from our good friends at Brave Mysteries, this time on CD. What you see above is the cover of the glorious new album from psychedelic yet forward-thinking neofolk unit Kinit Her. Kinit Her is the project of Nathaniel Ritter (Wreathes, Burial Hex, Circulation of Light) and Troy Schafer (Wreathes), and after various releases on labels such as Small Doses and Paradigms, this is their third release for Brave Mysteries and   their most realized work to date. As beautiful and enchanting a neofolk album as you will hear, it is also heavy on ritualized sounds, haunting and sometimes quite dark, making it very much perfect for the Autumn season. The album closer, "Mosaic of the Hyacinths II" is one of the best neofolk songs I've ever heard, and masterfully brings the album to a close. For a preview, click the link on the Kinit Her name above and listen to samples on the band's Bandcamp. This will be released on a beautiful double-vinyl by Pesanta in the near future (a test press edition is available now), but the CD can be had now.

Speaking of Pesanta, they released the self-titled Wreathes album, seen above, on a stunning gatefold LP earlier in the year, and the time has been drawing nigh for the CD to be released to the world as well. That time is finally hear, so people that could not or did not grab the LP from Pesanta are encouraged to grab this album, also a neofolk masterpiece, now. You can stream the album at the Wreathes Bandcamp, but you should certainly pick up this album. Brave Mysteries is deserving of your support, always.

Last, but by no means least, is the Circulation of Light album Acheiropoeita (which translates for the Byzantine Greek as "made without hands"). I've not listened to samples of this one because I'd like the opportunity to hear the album in it's entirety, but you can stream samples in the above link.  Circulation of Light is a solo project of Nathaniel Ritter, and it is amazing ritualized ambient music that bends and twists various instruments and sounds in a way that is often quite hard to believe. The music can be very meditative, very easy to get lost in, so is best experienced on its own, with your mind focused on it. In my experience, much is lost if you listen to Circulation of Light as background music. In any case, I'm very excited for my order to arrive so I can sit down with all three of these albums.

Order any and all of these now from Brave Mysteries. Tapes from the last update are available as well, including great music from Eitarnora, Horrid Red, and Kirschstein. And for the love of all that is good, please pick up the Sangre De Muerdago tape; it's become a favorite of mine, and I was excited to hear that Pesanta will be pressing up their new album Deixademe Morrer no Bosque on a vinyl 2xLP very soon.

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