Terzij de Horde/Starve - A Chosen Hollow LP

Two great pieces of cover art for one split LP. Two terrific Dutch bands - Terzij de Horde and Starve- have come together to record this outstanding split album that I have seen virtually no one in the American underground mention. That's really too bad, because this is an outstanding piece of wax that you should really pick up if you can. We've covered Terzij de Horde before - when they self-released their debut CD and when Antithetic Records pressed it on vinyl. They play an energetic and catchy style of metal that is influenced at once by the gorgeous melodies of post-rock and the emotional intensity of screamo, and while that may sound pretty played, TdH do it really, really well. They write good songs and deliver them with an unquestionable earnestness; the total package is hard to resist. Their single song on this split, the 13+ minute "A Chosen Hollow" is without question their best song yet. Starve are also hard to resist. I'm not a big fan of bluesy, garage-rock inspired stoner metal, but Starve also write very good songs, and they play them well.  The closing track of their side of the split, "Grace in Solitude" is outstanding, as it starts off slow, builds in tension, and then explodes with a punk-rock energy before evolving into a slow, down-tuned sludge monolith. Both bands have their sides of the record available as pay-what-you-want downloads on their respective Bandcamp pages - here, and here - but you are encouraged to pick up the vinyl 12" from Badger Records.

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