Vestal Claret/Ungod Split CS

Pretty cool split tape here offered up from the folks at No Visible Scars, who continue to put out some unique and interesting stuff. This tape features four tracks each from Vestal Claret and Ungod, and both bands deliver some pretty terrific jams.

Vestal Claret, which features Phil Swanson from Hour of 13 on vocals, bring four tracks of traditional heavy metal with a definite occult vibe. Great riffs that are by all means heavy, but still have a rock-ish feel at times, paired with a dark, ominous atmosphere, and Phil's signature vocals. Really enjoyable. We don't feature a whole lot of NWOBHM-inspired stuff here, because a lot of it is really bad, but these four songs are pretty good.

Ungod play a style of black metal with an old-school vibe as well, making their 4 tracks a near-perfect match for the Vestal Claret songs. The songs are definitely raw, and fairly stripped-down. Not a whole lot of glitz or black metal pretension here, and it works. The songs borrow a whole lot from Bathory and Venom (especially Venom) and they definitely do it well. I particularly like the track "Transsexual Seraphs," which sounds like it could have come directly off an album of Venom outtakes.

So this stuff is pretty straight-forward. If you enjoyed metal years ago, you'll definitely dig this, and even if you're a relative newcomer, there's plenty here to be enjoyed.  Professionally-made white chrome cassettes, packaged in an oversized case with double sided full-color artwork. Check it out at the No Visible Scars Bandcamp, and buy the cassette here.

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