Iron Forest - Body Horror CD/Digital Download

 Every so often, I hear something that I'm just not prepared for... something that looks like it will sound differently than it actually sounds. (It's always good to be taught not to judge a book, or in this case, an album, by its cover.) When I first came across the music of Iron Forest, I was expecting something other than... Iron Forest. My first exposure was via the Iron Forest Bandcamp page, and the words (I saw the words "dubstep" and "glitch" there and was immediately suspicious) and art there kind of said to me that this might not be something that I will enjoy.

Boy, was I wrong. And happily so.

This dude is seriously onto something with this freakish amalgam of a variety of intense musical styles. (Look at the bandcamp page and you'll see what I mean - dub, glitch, doom, and idm, all in one? Come on...). Putting all these sounds together seems like a horrible idea, but the end product here is highly ambitious and deeply riveting. Whenever I turn it on I am instantly transfixed; unable to think clearly, I just wander around in this music, lost and dazed and kind of blown away. What Iron Forest creates is a deeply unnerving and undeniably heavy kind of music that, while almost danceable at times, ultimately makes me want to either curl up in a corner or wander the city streets judging people.

The latest release from Iron Forest is called Body Horror, and while I don't think a physical release has come out yet, the digital download can be had from Crucial Blast's Bandcamp page for the small price of $5. I certainly recommend that you check this out, because I've honestly never heard anything else like it. It will definitely fuck with your head. It sounds quite a bit different than the stuff on the Iron Forest bandcamp page, with a decidedly more death-industrial vibe. It is deeply textured, and quite ominous. It speaks of self-loathing, disgust and mangled dreams. If that sounds like something that you will enjoy hearing (and why wouldn't it?), check this out. I sincerely doubt you'll regret it. A CD edition should be out soon, from the fine folks at Crucial Blast. Scroll down on that link and you'll see some further information on this release. Not for the faint of heart, and not to be missed.

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