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Crippled Sound is a label that has reached in through my ear, grabbed a hold of my brain, and just won’t let go ever since I was first introduced to them earlier this summer.  I just can’t get them off my mind.  That first encounter was thanks to the Witch in Her Tomb demo that was a flawless raw black metal debut.  Ever since, I’ve been watching them closely to see what might come next.  I’ve been pleasantly pleased with the following three new fine specimens of various hardcore and noise persuasions.  They’re all must-haves that can be snagged HERE.  So, since I can’t contain myself, I’m going to fill you in:
Image of Angry Gods - Concrete Distortion (Repress)
Angry Gods “Concrete Distortion” Tape
I don’t know how you can listen to Angry Gods without picturing snarly lips, bulging eyes, and popping veins.  This is truly fierce and violent.  Smashing.  Beating.  Crushing.  Razing everything around you.  That’s the best way to describe this sludge/hardcore outfit from Chicago.  Members come from former bands like Boiling Over, MANS, and Scouts Honor and currently make up Harps of Tartarus.  Four total tracks; two to inhabit the solitary confines of Side A and two more are isolated on Side B.  How appropriate.  That is just how these tracks come across: pure bitter resentment and loneliness from getting screwed in a world full of people who just want to screw you.  If you’re already attending Rageaholics Anonymous or are on a prescription medication for high blood pressure then this might not be the best thing to throw into the mix right now.  But for everyone else who appreciates alarming riffs, absolutely suffocating breakdowns, and vocals as intense as Henry Rollins and as clear and ferocious as early Deadguy (remember that band on Victory like 15 years ago?) then you will surely find this demo to be one of the best to hit 2012.  Play at maximum volume!  Graciously reissued on green tapes in a limited edition of 50. 

Image of DeadMoths - Asylum Dreams
Deadmoths “Asylum Dreams” Tape
Deadmoths is apparently a noise outlet for raw black metal/noise project Black Beasts, which has also put out a few amazing demos by the way.  Honestly, there are so many disposable noise artists out there that have been pretty forgettable, but to me, Deadmoths is anything but.  It is more visual and tangible to the listener than the usual cacophonic mess you can expect sometimes and the vision for the tracks seems more artistically realized.  Over all, Side A “Skeleton At the Feast” is a sidelong track that best fits the album title.  It picks up literally as soon as you hit play—there’s no pre-recording silence.  It is a suspenseful paranormal soundtrack that goes down hallways of horror like a creepier version of Ghost Hunters’ white noise.  Absolutely disorienting power electronics that will have you crawling on the ceiling in no time.  The essence of flickering fluorescents and TV snow.  It’s not as harsh as it is bloody eerie.  Like, it’s not so much Texas Chainsaw Massacre as it is Poltergeist, if that makes any sense.  The vocals really make it though.  Demonic whispers and bone chilling throaty rasps.  I even love the quiet interlude that looms large and then picks back up where it left off.  The second side, “Unpleasant” isn’t as based on fuzz and buzz like the first side.  This one is more concerned with wild siren-like hysterics.  It’s like some psycho playing with dials and adjusting frequencies.  Of course, more of the vocals we love.  Total Twilight Zone insanity.  As the label says, “Limited to 50 white tapes, to match the white walls of your room.”  Crazy.  Essential for anyone into noise.  Play at night when you’re intoxicated by yourself!

Image of Fumes - Fumes
Fumes “Self-titled” 7”

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Fumes is a group of nasty, dirty, gritty, raw, dark punkish hardcore d-beat degenerates.  They are lucky enough to be suited for Crippled Sound’s first ever vinyl release.  Fumes easily fits in with some of the hardcore acts on Youth Attack! and Video Disease.  The guitars are an all-out assault with completely blown-out, feedback-laden ampage ready to put you through the grinder.  The grim and depressive lyrics are barked at you.  The drum beat gets you ready for war as it gets your blood pumping.  You’ll be ready to break someone’s face.  So, what’s not to love about this?  The cool thing about this release is that you can get it three ways.  You can nab one of the 30 test press copies with sweet alternate artwork and red dust sleeves for twice as much.  Or, you can get the regular edition in classic black or limited red vinyl.  Honestly, I’ve never been one for the whole BDSM thing in album art.  This one’s got it though.  Maybe that’s why I like the simpler test press art better.  Anyway, this is definitely worth your while.  Incredible debut.  I’m looking forward to a full-length sometime.   

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