Burning Knife

Burning Knife

Burning Knife is a killer new tape label from Chicago.  The imprint has already been busy at work with three promising releases.  Each clear or translucent color tape comes housed in an oversized sealed bag with killer folded art cards.  They are all super limited, so act fast.  You can hear samples and pick them all up HERE.  But first, here’s a look at each one:

Obskuritatem "Thronum Mortuorum Mures Inclusi Essent" CS
Obskuritatem “Thronum Mortuorum Mures Inclusi Essent”

Relying on an eerie as hell loop to set the tone, Obskuritatem adds to the creepy mood with suspenseful percussion and sneaky guitar footsteps.  It is a nightmarish haunt of dark ambient that progresses very, very slowly.  It seems to move toward a spiraling crescendo but only leads you down a passage to nowhere.  Too bad Halloween’s come and gone.  Limited to 20.


Loud as f*** lo-fi raw black metal.  So abrasive it’s like swabbing out your ears with steel wool.  Cold chaos from the crypt with ferocious vocals that are as intent on destroying you as H-E-double-hockey-sticks itself.  There are subtler, slower moving moments that rely more on industrial noise foundations and echo.  Either way, this thing is about as dark and raw as it gets.  Limited to 33.

Gröf - "I Have Little Time Left On This Earth and I Don't Want to Waste It On God"
Gröf “I Have Only a Little Time Left and I Don’t Want to Waste It On God.”

Wow, the title describes this one to a T.  This blackened noise outfit is misanthropic to its core and clearly desires to be left alone.  Here is an intimate look into the dark, dank, damp caverns of the human heart.  It begins with a slowburning drone with some interspersed fuzz but then bursts into stone cold reverb and raspy vocal shutters that will chill you to the bone and rattle your cage.  This is pure hatred.  Limited to 25. 

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