Fallen Empire has recently released some awesome new titles, including Dommedagssalme, Mortum, Agrath, Death Fortress, Din of Awakening, and Nuklearenpest. Pick them all up HERE.  There are a couple others that I think stood out from the pack though. 

Trist/Nuit Noire Split 7"
Trist’s side is a beautifully morose portrait of depressive black metal with a blurry wash of inspired resonance.  Meditative soul-searching.  Unsatisfied longing.  Thoughtful reflection.  With this track, Trist moves past conventional black metal and takes it into new territory.  All the while, this epitomizes all that the genre represents. 
Nuit Noire is a punky black metal outfit.  To me, the vocals sound feminine.  It is as pop as I’ve heard the genre.  Not entirely my cup of tea, yet it is refreshing to hear yet another new angle.  Time changes are the name of the game.  The guitar is frantically caught between slow warbles and furious power chords.  I’m seeing this act pop up on a lot of labels we love, so there’s a chance you might find something here.

Kuxan Suum S/T LP
Kuxan Suum’s piece of wax is really a compilation of two works formerly released.  Side A was offered on the “Worship Black Twilight” CDr compilation from Crep├║sculo Negro.  Side B was originally included on the “Odour of Dust & Rot” tape compilation that Rhinocervs put out.  Thanks are definitely due Fallen Empire for releasing these two tracks in proper form.  And my, what form!  Thick jackets luxuriously painted black.  Gorgeous silver album art.  And, if that’s not 180 gram vinyl, then it’s damn close. 
Side A begins with a haze of dark ambiance.  It grows into a basement lick that eventually floods your speakers with its reverbed meditation.  Ritualistic in its execution.  Reverent in its approach.  Mystical in its outcome.  The droning vocals add to the sonic temple of untold secrets.  The perfect cure for your bedroom boredom.
Side B is a much more straightforward track.  Black metal rasps abound.  This shows that Kuxan Suum can be both cutting edge and semi-traditional in its instrumentation.  A nice mid-paced to fast-paced tempo with solid riffs.  The vocals are anything but melodic.  Overall, an inarguably legit track, making this a must-have record.

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"Nuit Noire is a female-fronted punky black metal outfit."

you're an idiot.