Fauna, Avifauna 2xLP and CD

This has surely been a long time coming.

Fauna is one of the bands whose music effects me on a very personal and spiritual level. Every time I play Rain or The Hunt I am taken from our ordinary waking reality and put down in a place I can not identify. Putting words to said place would only serve to cheapen the experience, but I remember one very, very cold night three winters ago that I ventured out for a walk in the heavily falling snow with The Hunt as my companion. All I can remember is falling in the snow at some point, and coming to some time later, with the last five minutes of The Hunt moving me to tears. The music, the snow, and the cold were all so real that I could hardly cope with what was going on. I don't think I'll ever forget that experience.

And now, the band's latest release, the highly anticipated Avifauna, is available and shipping now from Pesanta Urfolk. This is not a preorder - it is available now. Don't know how this sounds yet, but if it is anything like the live edition of the song that was floating around the internet, it will blow us all away. It is available on CD as well as two vinyl editions. Both are pressed on 200 gram vinyl and come packaged in a matte-laminated gatefold with spot-varnishing. The standard edition is on black vinyl, while the special edition, limited to 193, is pressed on green-grey haze wax, and comes with a double-sided 12" x 24" poster. Mine has not yet arrived, but I promise this will look as amazing as it sounds. Buy this now, here.

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