King of the Monsters

King of the Monsters has been pretty busy lately.  Here's the latest:
enewetak - Easy Rider Sessions Volume III
Enewetak “The Easy Rider Sessions, Volume III” 7”

I haven’t heard the other two volumes of “The Easy Rider Sessions” so I don’t know how this compares or where it fits in.  What I do know is that this is definitely a different take on Easy Rider.  No The Band’s “The Weight” here.  This is a fiery ball of grindcore controlled chaos.  This is definitely not the hippie take on Easy Rider.  Enewetak gives us a much more badass version, where the bikers are the instigators not the victims.  Quick tempos, high shrieks, and thick riffage define the overall vibe.  Three tracks total.  The B side record label has a fun surprise for you too.  You have to get it to find out what I mean.  Having not released anything since 1997, this new one is sure to be exciting to any fan of this progressive hardcore act.  It was recorded in 2003 and has taken this long to finally be released.  Thank you King of the Monsters.

Venowl - No Honour
Venowl “No Honour” 7”

Venowl’s dark metallic tendencies were best labeled as EXTREME on “Patterns of Failure.”  Now, they follow up that release with a new 7” called “No Honour.”  This one starts off a little easier to swallow than “Patterns,” but it then later becomes frenzied with the bloodcurdling screams that caught me off guard before.  The almost breakdown-sounding riffs bring everything down as it all takes a dour turn for the worse.  But what that does is add some real interest.  The B side is the same track but is deemed the “Iron Forest Re-Imagining.”  It’s even more suspenseful and freaking doomful than its original.  It’s like instead of “the man from Another Place” in Twin Peaks, they’re “the Band from Another Place.”  Venowl is one of the most intriguing artists in the metal underground, and you won’t want to miss what the buzz is about.  Another bonus is not only the beautiful cover art but the grey marble vinyl.  Yes!

Uzala / Mala Suerte - Burned / The Veil Of Secrecy
Uzala/Mala Suerte Split 7”

Uzala lays the riffs on pretty thick.  Deep doom.  Groaning guitar.  Sung vocals.  Enough to make you dig yourself a hole, lay down in it, and pray for death. 

Mala Suerte, which means “bad luck” in Spanish aptly describes the doomful tenor of this band.  Muddy and messy guitar and low slung bass.  Barked vocals.  It’ll get you in touch with the inner beast within.  Nice black and white ink throughout the cover design and vinyl labels.

Moloch (6) / Closure (5) - Closure / Moloch
Moloch/Closure Split 7”

This is a joint release from KOFTM and Feast of Tentacles. 
Moloch brings some hard-hitting sludgy, doomy, powerviolence.  You’ll want to tear up the carpet, bite chunks out of the drywall, and take a sledge to every window in the place.  It is frustrated and crazed and just plain pissed off.  Not only an awesome effort from both Feast of Tentacles and King of the Monsters, but also probably the best release in the batch.

Closure really brings the pain.  Violent, violent, powerviolence.  Just when you didn’t think it could get any more violent.  Crushing riffs with interspersed blitz assaults on your ear drums.  The feedback cuts through at just the right moments throughout.  If Dwid from Integrity and the vocalist from Hoax had a baby it would sound like these grunts.  If anyone hears you play this, they’re sure to stay away.

Servile Sect - Svrrender
Servile Sect “Svrrender” LP

Easily the next best release from KOFTM lately is Servile Sect’s “Svrrender,” which is a reissue of this duo’s follow up to “Trvth.”  Originally released on tape on the Handmade Birds imprint, “Svrrender” gets the proper vinyl treatment it deserves.  Since “Svrrender” was recorded around the time “Trvth” was, each album is complementary to the other.  And, as such, this vinyl reissue comes also complete with art from Kevin Gan Yuen (Sutekh Hexen; Circle of Eyes; Fermentae) just as “Trvth” did.  This makes “Svrrender” a beautiful sibling to its forerunner, which likewise received the same attention to detail.  The beautiful yellow/green mixed vinyl is pretty awesome too.  “Svrrender” follows in the same vein of Servile Sect’s original psychedelic black metal that we hear on “Trvth.”  There are moments of psy-fi drone and bursts of screechy incantations and raw blackened shreds.  You can’t help but love these dual natures of Servile Sect.  Essential. 

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