Krallice - Years Past Matter 2xLP

One of 2012's absolute best metal records came from New York's Krallice, in the form of the Years Past Matter album. The CD (and digital download) was self-released by the band through their Bigcartel store and Bandcamp page (and at shows, obviously, but I don't think they've played many since the album came out), and now the time has come for the double LP to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. Everything these guys have done has blown my mind; their recordings are always unbelievable, and their live shows always leave my jaw on the floor. They are one of the few black metal bands that are really doing something original, carving out their own unique sound and approach. Their four albums are as hypnotic and trance-inducing as anything I've ever heard, and I think that Years Past Matter is their best since 2008's self-titled debut album. Wow... still hard to believe their first record came out in 2008 - I can't help retaining the feeling that Krallice is a new band, simply because each of their records really does present new sounds and new challenges for the listeners to digest. There's not a whole lot more I can say without just gushing about how much I love Krallice. Buy their records and merch, go to shows when you can - just support these guys however you can.

This 2xLP comes on black 180-gram vinyl, in a Stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket, with a 10" x 10" double sided insert with lyrics, and a download code. Pre-orders being accepted now (along with a new Krallice t-shirt design, and a new CD EP  and t-shirt from Richmond VA's Inter Arma) from Gilead Media.

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