Handmade Birds Update

As the title of this post says, it's time to update those of you who haven't learned by now that Handmade Birds is a label to be aware of at all times...

First is the album you see above, the final album that Campbell Kneale will be making as Black Boned Angel, fittingly titled The End. And he chose to go out in style, as this is by far the heaviest piece of music that Black Boned Angel has ever put out. It's very doom, without being simply a doom record. It drones, but to call it a drone record would be misleading. It's just too powerful, too moving to be categorized, at least with any degree of comfort. The guitars lull you as they crush you, and the percussion just amps this up to the point where it just overwhelms the senses. Very tense, very dark, very beautiful, and just as often unsettling and difficult. This isn't easy-listening, but what you put into it is given back a hundred times over. Stick with it and this will become a record that you'll likely go back to over and over again. I personally can't get enough of it. The packaging is pretty elaborate too - packaged in a 7" envelope, and hand numbered (out of an edition of 500). Quite luxurious. You should definitely pick this up.

This album, Jasper TX's An Index of Failure, is also a finale, putting a cap on a pretty stellar discography.  This album is made up of old pieces and fragments, but manages to find a delicate cohesion in the final product. My first listen to this was spent staring at the cover art, and getting quite lost in it. The record and the art are very easy to get caught up in, and I have to think that is by design. It seems so obvious. The minimal, somewhat improvised feel of the electronic pulses and impulses here blend with the cascading post-rock washes to create a sound that is almost cinematic (though I have to admit I can't think of what kind of film this music could go with...). Personally, there is something very sentimental going on with me when I hear this album, something deeply nostalgic and touching. I can't promise that you'll have the same experience, of course, but I think it should be difficult to not be in love with this album.

 You're also going to want to grab the CD of Panopticon's latest album Kentucky, especially if you missed out on the now sold-out 2xLP. One of the best records from 2012 does not disappoint, and while Panopticon always sounds best on vinyl, the CD works too, and in this case features some new artwork. (The Kentucky CD can also be purchased from Pagan Flames). The Black Sun Roof cover art above is for a record that I know nothing about, but will be ordering nonetheless, as it features the work of Mathew Bower and Samantha Davies, a duo not to be overlooked. I'm very much looking forward to it, in fact.  While not pictured, you might also want to give the new Soft Kill 7" a spin. Melancholy yet infectious post-punk. I love it, though understand that it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

All of these are available for order now from Handmade Birds.

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