Njiqahdda - Serpents in the Sky

Our friends in Njiqahdda are poised to release another landmark album in the coming days, this one titled Serpents in the Sky. The themes behind most of the band's work are sometimes nebulous, and perhaps purposely so, but Serpents in the Sky will offer social commentary in the form of an attack on government and the upper echelons of our society. The record is subtitled ...And the Men Behind the Sun. For this an other reasons, I'm more excited for this release than I have been for a Njiqahdda release in a long time. I value what these men have to say, and very much look forward to hearing the album, watching the accompanying DVD, and reading the accompanying book.

The digital version, which will be free, will be available for download tomorrow (January 8th, 2013) from the EEE Recordings Bandcamp. Preorders will also start at the same time for the physical versions of the album, which will include a very limited special edition. The preorders will go up some time tomorrow here.

For more information, check out the new Nji forums here.

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